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Our Services

At MAG-7 we offer each client a bespoke quantity surveying and commercial management service, tailored to specific client needs.

The services we offer cover all stages of contracts and are designed to provide flexibility and scalability; combined with a flexible fee structure.

Pre-Contract Stage

MAG-7 provides support at this important stage of the project, helping to put in place the correct processes and understand/mitigate risk. 

Services include:

  • Preparation of cost plan model

  • Preparation of tender submission

  • Preparation of quantified schedule of rates

  • Establish privity and route to contract

  • Provide analysis and advice

The Contract

In-Contract Stage

MAG-7 provides a comprehensive service managing all aspects of the in-contract stage of projects, monitoring due process and providing guidance on how best to implement the contract obligation.


Services include:

  • Preparing and monitoring applications for payment, notification and payment

  • Preparing, submitting and agreeing variation accounts

  • Monitoring and managing client set-off account and/or financial claims

  • Monitoring cost management, providing a regular report of project position

  • Preparing and submitting extension of time and associated loss and expense

  • Sub-contract commercial management


Final Account and Post-Contract Stage

MAG-7 helps clients to reach the best final project outcome through support and knowledge. 


We provide this service for a project we have managed from commencement or a complex account requiring support in the latter stages.

Services include:

  • Preparing and submitting project final accounts

  • Negotiating positions with clients, addressing queries as applicable

  • Managing and negotiating sub-contractor accounts

  • Co-ordinating recovery of aged debt

Business Handshake

Dispute Process and Resolution

If a dispute is foreseen, MAG-7 will provide advice and strategy to help clients move towards an agreement.


Where a dispute cannot be avoided, we can assist and guide clients through the escalation process.



Subscription Service

MAG-7 offers a service specifically aimed at smaller businesses within the construction industry who seek better commercial understanding, process and protection as their business grows and takes on more complex clients and projects.


The service is based on a competitive annual fee basis, paid monthly by standing order; providing on call commercial support and advice – with access to further resources and dispute resolution as required.


  • Commercial SWOT analysis of business and processes

  • Tailored proposal

  • Set up procedures and templates

  • Scored risk assessment of current and new contracts

  • Ongoing commercial help/guidance

  • Regular review of project positions

  • Intervention when required

  • Support through any disputes process

  • Cost certainty through a fixed monthly subscription

  • Reduced rates on any other services


Standalone Services

MAG-7 offers a service aimed at all businesses within the construction industry who either need to just catch up or have that extra assistance to keep on top of things.


Variation Account

  1. Our team can help prepare and negotiate your variation account.

  2. We collate all relevant information and prepare new variation submissions based on the contract, with available substantiation.

  3. We can review submissions already submitted that have been challenged by the client, complete a detailed side by side review reaching an opinion and negotiate position.

  4. We can talk to your client and attend commercial meetings to assist with explaining the change and agreeing on value.


Sub-Contractor Account

  1. Our team can manage your supply chain sub-contractor or just assess and test their variation account.

  2. Full management of a sub-contractor account will ensure payment notices are correctly issued on time.

  3. To assess the variation account, we carry out a detailed side by side review of key elements and ensure all stands up to scrutiny and is valued in accordance with the agreement.


Financial Reporting

  1. This is an absolute key exercise within the commercial management of any project.

  2. We can advise on what is required and assist with pulling relevant data together to produce a monthly report.

  3. Financial reports can aid in managing risk and margin, leading to better cash flow.



  • Accounts are kept up to date

  • Sub-contractor accounts kept in check

  • Quicker agreements

  • Valuable commercial time freed up

  • Keeping on top of the numbers


Please contact us for further information.

Subscription Service
Dispute Process and Resolution
Pre-Contract Stage
Post-Contract Stage
In-Contract Stage
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