Developed for Main Contractors, MAG-7 provides a comprehensive commercial service managing all aspects of the MEP Subcontract package. 


MAG-7 provides support at this important stage of the project, helping main contractors to put the correct processes in place and to understand/mitigate risk. Working alongside the existing commercial team, we manage the Subcontract account and interface that with the upstream Contractors account and financial reporting structure. 

Services include:
  • Assistance with procurement
  • Analysis of supply chain tender returns
  • Identifying and schedule risk
  • Managing value engineering
  • Establishing privity and route to contract
  • Providing analysis and advice


MAG-7 provides a comprehensive service managing all aspects of the in-contract stage of projects, monitoring due process and providing guidance.
Services include:
  • Managing payment cycles
  • Preparing detailed assessments of all applications for payment
  • Side by side analysis of variation accounts
  • Facilitating open communication with subcontractors
  • Ensuring compliance with valuation rules and appropriate information provision
  • Monitoring any requests for extension of time and/or financial claims
  • Managing any set-off issues
  • Preparing notifications and ensuring they are issued on time
  • Maintaining Risk Assessments
  • Monitoring cost management, providing a regular report of project position
  • Working with the team to ensure relevant items are captured upstream


MAG-7 supports Main Contractors in reaching the best outcome at project completion through support and knowledge.

We provide this service for projects we have managed from commencement or for complex accounts requiring support in the latter stages.

Services include:
  • Managing final account processes with Subcontractors
  • Reviewing and evaluating all aspects of Subcontractor Final Applications
  • Working with teams to ensure synchronicity and assist with upstream discussions


If a dispute is foreseen, MAG-7 can provide advice and strategy to help you reach an amicable agreement.

Where a dispute cannot be avoided, we can assist and guide you through the escalation process and help manage the dispute through to resolution.


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